Exhibitor Set Up (VSU)




Hey there, Small Business Bestie, thanks for registering with us! Now you are ready for all the details on your Big Top Production. Take a breath and be’s lots of info, but IMPORTANT info! Below you will find all the details on set up, breakdown, permits, and everything related to making your selling experience a great one!  

First things first, our contact info for any questions or concerns:  

Phone: 936-900-1900 

Next, if you never received an ESU email or think you missed it, we will always post the most recent ESU HERE, once it's sent! If you don't see it here, we haven't sent it yet!

The Woodlands Waterway Marriott- NEW SET UP EMAIL SENT: 24/07/15

Downtown Waxahachie  - NEW SET UP EMAIL-SENT 24/4/15

NOW- sharing Big Top Entertainment social posts, events listings, and stories are the number one way to grow awareness and increase event attendance, which ultimately means more sales for you! 


1. Share the Facebook event listing in your favorite community groups (beg/barter/buy and local groups).  

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3. You can find event specific details on the Schedule Page: it’always the image above the Exhibitor Registration Image. This is the page we refer shoppers to for Production info and a list of exhibitors registered for Production.  

4. We always supply our most current production social media graphics below. Feel free to use them and share them as you wish! 


We are big supporters of the idea that great displays=great sales, and pride ourselves in having exhibitors with some of the BEST displays around! 

  • Check out this link to see all our tips and tricks on having a great display! 


  • Some venues will offer a free Wi-Fi connection, however, please note a few things:  

  • Some Wi-Fi connections are UNSECURED and may not work with your POS system 

  • Signal easily gets slowed down when you have multiple vendors connected. 

  • It’s always a good idea to bring a personal hotspot just in case 

  • Not all locations offer Electricity, here is how to prepare like a pro: 

  • Add electricity to your registration in advance, many times outlets are limited. You can add electricity to your registration online here. If you do not see the production listed, then electricity is not offered at that location. 

  • We highly encourage everyone to be electricity independent, which means you bring your own power. View our online guide here for great suggestions on electric generators and power inverters you can use indoors and outdoors. 


  • We have tried to create the most comprehensive outline for the various types of food exhibitors and permit types, click here to view online. 

  • Big Top Entertainment will provide you with the local food permit applications for each event, however, it is always the responsibility of the exhibitor to obtain their permits in a timely manner. Big Top Entertainment can in no way assist in filling out your permit, answering specific questions, or helping you submit your permit application.  
    Download current permits: 

  • 4th Fest at New Caney Permit
  • Please upload completed Permits here. 


  • All productions have a dumpster on site for trash. Trash cans located within the market grounds are for shoppers. Please dispose of your trash in the dumpster. This includes boxes which should be broken down flat.   

  • A $100 fee will be charged to any vendor who does not dispose of their trash correctly. Multiple offenses can result in a ban from BTE Productions.  

  • Cooking grease and frying oil, under Texas law, cannot be disposed of in a dumpster. Exhibitors with grease must take their grease off site to dispose of it.  


  • A more detailed email will be sent to yougenerally, two weeks prior to production with a specific location, load in and load out detailsBelow are general guidelines for most productions: 

  • Set up runs the full day prior to production. Times vary by venue but are generally from 11am – 8pm. 

  • Day of the venue is typically open 1.5 hours before the production begins for set up any finishing touches.I f a production opens to the public at 9am, the venue will generally be open to you at 7:30am. 

  • When you arrive for set up, a Big Top Team member will always check you in and guide you to your booth location. PLEASE DO NOT start unloading until you have checked in and confirmed your spot with a Big Top Team member. (Booth assignments are subject to change) 

  • When unloading, always unload your vehicle, then move your vehicle to a parking space to allow other vendors to pull up and unload promptly. Please don’t begin setting up your booth until your vehicle is parked in the parking lot assigned to Exhibitors. 

  • If you are not present at your booth 1 hour before any production starts, your booth may be reassigned to someone elseIf you are running late or need to cancel at the last minute, please contact the Big Top Team to inform us as soon as you know you cannot make the production.  

  • We DO NOT recommend setting up the morning of the production, setting up the day before is always the smoothest and fastest set up option. Typically, you will not be able to drive up or get direct access to your booth to unload the morning of, and it makes for a rushed, stressful day. Be prepared to walk, carry, dolly, or wagon your items to your booth location if you set up the morning of the production. 

  • Exact days and hours of set up will always be sent in your ESU email. 


  • Breakdown starts at closing time, generally 5pm. 

  • Outdoor markets: no vehicles will be able to drive up to their booth prior to all customers leaving the event grounds. Safety is our number one concern, and we will not allow vehicles onsite until we have cleared the ground.  

  • At the close of business, break down your booth completely, including tents. 

  • Ensure no trash is in your booth. This includes rubber bands, zip ties, plastic wrap, empty boxes, food trash and anything that you don't want to take home with you. 

  • When you are packed and ready to go, find an attendant - we will (usually) be wearing safety vests (or a BTE shirt).  

  • The attendant will inspect your booth, and if you are good-to-go you will be given a breakdown pass. 

  • Once you have a breakdown pass you can begin to load out. 



  • Roll out:if you have small light weight items and can carry/dolly/wagon your items to your vehicle this is the best and fastest choice 

  • Drive up: if you have larger/heavier items and want to drive to the loading zone. Depending on the venue we may bring vehicles in based on their size: standard vehicles first, then vehicles with trailers and larger box trucks. 



  • Booth locations are subject to change at any time.The booth you requested during online registration is your requested boothDue to various circumstances, we sometimes must reassign your booth to an alternate location.Your success is our success so we will always put you in a better location if we do need to move you.  

  • Exhibitor lists are updated at least once a month. If you don’t see your name on an exhibitor list, please wait for the next update and we will have you added! 

  • We are a rain or shine production. This means we will not offer refunds or exchanges due to weather-related issues. You can find our refund policy here.  

  • If you have any other questions, you can see our FAQs here.