Exhibitor Set Up (VSU)

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Note that set up information can change and be updated- your booth number may change - it is best to check set up information regularly and especially a few weeks prior to the market for the most up to date information.


It may take up to 14 days from your purchase for your registration to be updated to the online list.

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Big Top Trade Days - Baytown, TX
March 18, 2023

View set up details online, click here.

Food Exhibitor Information (hot food, sample and cottage)

Food vendors will need to apply for a temporary food permit application, unless they have the City of Baytown annual Mobile Food Truck Permit for 2023. 

Application click here.

To apply for the temporary permit they will need to fill out the attachment completely and then go to the following website:

Once there at the top they will go to “Apply” and then search Temporary Food Permit.  It will then make them upload the completed application for review.  Once Health staff has reviewed, we will then invoice them.  For a one day event the fee is $45 as long as they have everything in to us at least 48 hours prior to the event.  If it is within the 48 hours then the application fee is doubled.  They also need to check with our Fire Marshal’s Office because they have their own temporary permit as well. 

If you have any questions please contact Dustin Sieber R.S. 281-420-5304


State of Texas Temporary Food Permit (for counties that do not have their own permit)

Download the Texas Food Permit Online (click here)


Cottage law FAQ from the State of Texas (click here)