The Rewards Program has been designed to showcase you, Big Top Exhibitors, and give you the opportunity to rise as a top-tier Exhibitor and unlock advanced registration and other great rewards.  Click here to learn more about the Big Top Rewards Program.




The Certification Program was designed to highlight and give special benefits to Exhibitors who have invested in their visual merchandising.  These benefits can include any variation of points, but must include a backdrop.  All Rewards Tiers are eligible for Certification! That means Exhibitors, Bronze Exhibitors, Silver Exhibitors, Gold Exhibitors and Diamond Exhibitors are eligible for certification!  Click here to learn more about the Big Top Certification Program.






Generally Exhibitor Set Up Details are emailed out to all registered Exhibitors 2 weeks prior to a production.  However, we understand things get lost or filtered to spam so we will also post the important set up and break down details online for your convenience.  Exhibitors should check this link regularly for announcements, updates and set up details.  You can also fine food permit information at this link.  Click here to view upcoming production set up details.



 Have questions?  We have answers!  You can reach out at any time with specific questions, you can also find answers to the most common Exhibitor Frequently Asked Questions online.  Click here to view Exhibitor Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.



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