Exhibitor FAQ



Q: What are the dates and times for upcoming markets?
A: View our events schedule online for specifics, click here.


Q: How do I register as an exhibitor?
A: Click here to register as an exhibitor and to see our event schedule.


Q: If I add something to my cart does it prevent anyone else from purchasing my selected booth? 
A: No, unfortunately, our system only reserves your booth once you finalize purchase and payment.   


Q: What does it mean when I get an error message stating, “We don’t have enough stock on hand for the quantity you selected” at checkout? 
A: The booth in your cart has already been reserved and paid for by another Exhibitor, you will need to select a different booth. 


Q: What is the Big Top Entertainment refund policy if I want to cancel my registration? 
A: All events are rain or shine, cancellations are accepted with 90 days’ notice for store creditAdditional details can be found at 


Q: How much can I expect to sell at this event? 
A: Exhibitors consistently see a return of 10x their booth fee in sales at BTE eventsTake the total registration fee for your booth and multiply it by 10, this is the average return on investment for Big Top Entertainment Exhibitors.  


Q: When are the set up times for events? 
A: Generally, set up is the day prior to the event typically 10A-8PYou will receive a detailed set up email weeks prior to the event with specific set up dates, times and move-in instructions. 


 Q: For multiple day events, will I need to set-up and tear-down each day? 
A: You can stay set-up for the entirety of the event including overnightFor outdoor events we have 24 hour police security, however leaving your items is always at your own risk.  90% of Exhibitors keep their full setup and inventory from set-up to break-down.