Outdoor Set Up Must Haves

Outdoor Set Up Must Haves

Posted by MA on Sep 8th 2022

Outdoor Set Up Must Haves

A discussion on different types of tents and weights to ensure your set up stays secure and set up for the entire event including what to do over night.

What we will discuss:

  • Minimum weight requirements:
    • Minimum 50 LB per tent leg
    • Minimum 200 LB of weight for entire tent
    • Minimums are for 10x10 tents, larger tents need double or triple weight.
  • Exhibitor Tool Kit, click here to view, includes helpful links and where to buy items.
  • Types of Pop Up Tents and types of weights.
  • Videos of previous events and what weights were used and when they worked and did not work.

Click here to watch on Youtube.

Links and Files Discussed: