Exhibitor Tool Kit

Exhibitor Tool Kit

Posted by MA on Nov 2nd 2021

Do Your Best - Look Your Best - Make The Best Sales

Tent Outdoor Events:
the correct size for your booth, bowing legs do not work. Branded tents are a plus. White tents are highly recommended over any other color. Click here for custom tent suggestions.

Tent Indoor Events/Boutique Pop Up: no tent frames can be used at Boutique Pop Up markets.  If you need support for your fixtures and lights please invest in your display and bring the appropriate supplies.

Banners & Signs: banners should be in good quality, old banners should be retired. Ideal banners are the same width of your tent and 8 - 10 foot tall. Click here for my go-to banner maker.

Backdrops: The most important part of your display, a professional backdrop adds a level of professionalism and trust to shopper's eyes. Click here for my favorite backdrop printer.

being power independent is a great way to save money when you do multiple shows a year. Click here for my blog post on good buys.

Reliable WIFI:
pay-as-you-go wifi hotspots, or one with your regular service provider, are a great way to add reliability to your credit card reader. Click here to see the one I use.

Fire Safety: it is required that you have a fire extinguisher in your booth at all markets. It must be ABC rated, click here for an example.

Bugs/Pests: for outdoor event,
it is smart to have the following with you: sunblock, chapstick, mosquito spray and ant killer.