July Inspo Graphics✨

July Inspo Graphics✨

Posted by BS on Jun 27th 2023

July Inspo Graphics for Small Business Owners:

Feeling a little down about sales last month? Can't find your motivation to keep you going?

WE GOT YOU, SIS❤Feel free to screenshot, download, share, or whatever you have to do with these graphics to get back your Small Biz MOJO! We know it's not easy being a boss babe, so we will be sending out inspirational graphics every month to help you keep doing the dang thang! 

Go best friend, you're our best friend! As besties, we have an obligation to make sure you shop small!

We all know you are a *pretty girl* and it's just a rule that all the pretty girls shop small. We don't make the rules!

Simply stated. It's practically impossible to be a BOSS & not also be a work in process! We all have to learn one way or another.

We are aware that you are in your "boss babe era* and we hope you know as well! OWN IT!

Don't you forget that you are capable of hard things! It's part of the learning process and sometimes you just need a reminder. 

This is a screensaver for sure. Who doesn't feel like shopping....and love Shania Twain?! It's a vibe. 

We've got your 4th of July engagement post for socials!! Or a wallpaper on your phone! Or your profile pic because...we are obsessed!

You won't feel like you're going anywhere if you forget to celebrate the small wins. These are the things that keep you going!!

Here's one of our favorite reminders. You always need a litte "you" time and what better way to do that then {taking it easy} at the beach, the pool, the bath, your backyard, or wherever you can get a little bit of peace. 

Just looking at this fun graphic makes us happy...let it be your reminder to choose happiness in all of the difficult situations. 

Well, if you needed a push, THIS IS IT! Take that next step, whether it be personal or business related. Small moves are better than no moves!

We hate to be pushy but....sometimes a little push is what we all need. Get that juice {or alcholic beverage} that makes you get up an go, then get that thing done! 

We all can use a little reminder of who we are-FLAUNT IT, BESTIE!

Hope you got some smiles out of these graphics or at the very least...a cute screensaver! Enjoy your month, small business bestie!


BTE Team