BTE5 - Building Your Ideal Client

BTE5 - Building Your Ideal Client

Posted by MA on Apr 2nd 2022

Use the BTE5 method to define your ideal client.

Define five key aspects of your ideal client so you can better brand, serve and sell to them.  This template is an easy way for you to outline who you want to sell to and what will appeal to them.

Breaking down the five categories:

  • Who: define who you want to sell to.
  • What: interests, engagements and hobbies.
  • Where: are they physically located and their geography.
  • Why: do they want what you are selling.

Bonus: page 4 and 5, "Detailed Interests" are pulled directly from the Facebook and Instagram advertising platform. That means you can use your designated detailed interests to craft ads that are shown exclusively to your ideal client.

Click here to download the worksheet.