Big Top Shopping Festival - Conroe | Heritage Place Park | February 12 & 13, 2022




CONROE, TX 77301


CONROE, TX 77301

Utilize the 4 story parking garage for free parking with direct access to Big Top Shopping Festival.  There are additional parking lots and street parking available.  Be mindful of signs as some parking lots are private property or do charge for parking.


General admission to Big Top Shopping Festival is FREE and does not require advanced registration or tickets.  Please do not purchase a ticket from scammers on Facebook.  There are no tickets for this event and admission is free to the public.  All ages are welcome, strollers are welcome, wagons are not acceptable.


The facility is ADA compliant including ADA and standard portable toilets located throughout the festival grounds.  The facility is a mix of grass and concrete.  Service dogs are permitted with appropriate identification and paperwork. 


Get ready to have a great time!  The #1 review we receive from shoppers at Big Top Events is, "We had SO much fun!".  It is our pleasure to offer a wide selection exhibitors to bring the very best in boutique clothing, accessories, shoes, home decor, furniture, gourmet food, dips, sauces, art, yard decorations, holiday items and so much more!  There is a little bit of everything and something for everyone!  Prices range from as little as $5 and up to $2,000 and beyond.  Our market is 50% hand made items and 50% manufactured items.  100% of Exhibitors are small business owners, shopping with us puts money directly into the local community.  90% of Exhibitors are based here in the Lone Star State, others travel from Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisianan, Oklahoma and Arkansas!


Grab a bite to eat at Big Top!  We have a verity of food trucks, wagons and stands to supply you with all of the yummy-ness you desire!  From steak sandwiches, kabobs, pizza, festival foods, fried treats and more!
Breakfast: breakfast tacos and coffee!
Lunch: a huge selection of freshly prepared meals from a variety of Exhibitors including smoked BBQ, tex-mex, gyros, funnel cakes, fair food and more!
Dinner: Exhibitors continue to prepare dishes until 5p when the market closes.


Q: Do I need a ticket to attend?
A:  No, the event is free and open to the public.

Q: What should I wear?
A:  Be comfortable and be{you}tiful.
  Wear what makes you comfortable, you'll be walking quite a bit.  Being an outdoor events we recommend close toe shoes and boots are a great idea, especially for children. Ants and mud have never been an issue at this venue, the grass is hard packed and drains well. 

Q: What size clothing do boutiques carry?
A:  Every size!
  We try to bring a verity of boutiques each with their own unique style and a wide range of sizes.  You will find baby, kids, juniors, standard and plus size clothing.  Clothing is generally 80% girls and women's styles with 20% being for boys and men.  Some of the top trending styles include boho, cowgirl, modern, soft and flirty, lounge wear, shoes, swim wear, intimates and layering pieces, robes and slippers and so much more!  Most women's boutiques carry XS-XL with many expanding to XS-3XL.  Clothes are generally on season and transition staple pieces.  Clothing prices range.

Q: Is there anything besides clothing?
A:  Yes, yes a millions times yes!
  You will find something unique around every corner.  We host a verity of Exhibitors including: home decor, furniture, gourmet food, recycled & upcycled pieces, art, yard decorations and so so so much more!  Just about everything can be customized, monogrammed, embroidered or designed to your specifications.

Q: Will there be furniture?
A:  Yes, bring your trucks and trailers so you can haul it home!
  We have a handful of furniture Exhibitors who hand craft solid wood furnishings.  If you're looking for a simple end table or a full dinning room set - you can find it at Big Top!  Our Exhibitors have a wide selection of styles including farm house inspired, reclaimed, vintage & antique pieces, solid wood, modern and more.  Most Exhibitors accept custom orders and can design the perfect piece to fit your lifestyle and specific measurement requests.

Q: What kind of gourmet foods will be available for sale?
A:  We define gourmet foods as pre-packaged items that are intended for you to consume at home.
  We are so proud that many of our Exhibitors have grown and are featured on the shelves of many grocery store shelves including H-E-B!  This is a great opportunity to meet the makers and get the inside scoop on their story!  Gourmet foods include salsas, dips, dip mixes, casserole mixes, cobbler mixes, ready made meals, artisan chocolates and sweets, pastries, cakes & pies, jelly & jams, pickles, canned vegetables, spices & rubs, sauces, produce and more! 

Q: Will there be holiday decor?
A:  Absolutely!
  Generally speaking you will find decor related to upcoming holidays (within the next 3 months).  We host a HUGE selection of Christmas decor for inside the home and outdoor decorations during our fall markets ranging from September to November.  September and October markets host a wide selection of fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving decor.  Our spring markets ranging from February to April host a splendor of Easter and spring decorations.  Summer markets from May - August typically host patriotic, spots and summer themed decorations

Q: Are there activities for kids?
A:  Not at the Boutique Pop Up. 
This event is intended for ladies who want a fun day of unique shopping.  Children and strollers are welcome to attend.

Q: Do Exhibitors accept credit and debit cards?
A:  Yes, 99% of Exhibitors accept all major credit and debit cards as well as cash. 
There is an ATM located in the Marriott lobby which can be used to pull cash as needed.
Q: Can we bring our dogs?
A: Leashed dogs are welcome, please bring your own water and clean up after Fido.



A peak at the floor plan with shopping and fun at every turn!


Company Name

175th Street Sales/AHOLES Games
2 go drinks and dips (sassysouthernstyle)
6 Bar S Designs
A Little Junk in My Trunk
AG Leather
All of Us Old Plantation Soups & Dips
Almost August LLC
Amanda Blake
Angel's Delight Nuluv
Ap performance
Artisan Jewelry Creations
Barnwood Beginnings
Best Vintage
Bilbrey Family Chiropractic
Bitsy Boodle Design & More
Blissful Rebel/Beehive
Boss Babe Flair Boutique
Branded Watusi, LLC
Campbells Creations
Caradine Crafts
Carmen's Boutique Connection
Carmen's Corn & Metal Art
Cat's Meow Art Studio
Celebration Nation Crafting
Charlene Callahan
Chic Pallet Décor & More
Chino Barvity
Chris' BBQ Shop
Circle K Ranch Designs
Cocoon Creations LLC
Collections by Mimi Home Décor & More
Color Street
Countryman Spice Co
Crafts By Faith
Crawdad Cuties
Cutwood LLC
DC Designs
Dietra Weaver Graphics, Etc
Disabled American Vetrans
Discovery Toys
Dixie Glamour Boutique
Driskell's Original BBQ
Eventful Crafts
Everything by C and K
Fera's Grill
Flannel and Lace Marketplace
Front Porch Fashions
G&M Armadillo Designs
Gigi's Collar
Glamberry LLC
Glamour Girls N Gents
Glass Birdfeeders
Gooroos Wood Fire Pizza
Gotcha Girl Boutique
Grace and Charm
Grandma Kim's Fried Pies and Breads
Granny G's Hemporium
Gyro Connection
H&W Farm
Hey Pretty Boutique
INCA WASI Arts and Crafts
Jambo Mrembo
Jamie James Candle Co
Jana Pruett
Jane and Jordan
JCB Designs
Just Stitchin Fun
Kate's Face Painting
Kickin' Dips and Salsa
Knollwood & Co
LaFrese Designs
Laredo Designs
Lillipad Boutique
Little Miss Dixie
Little Southern Treasures Bowtique
LMN Rustic Décor
Lone Star Beards
Lucky Eye
M&M Custom
Mary Kay
Masked Maker
MI Lifestyle
Model T Popper
My Leather Treasures
My Sisters Creation
Mz Vee Luscious Lather
Namma's Goodies
Nana Toy Corner
No Crap In It
Olde Country Porch
Olive & Ivory Boutique
Orvilla's Creations
PamelaKay Designs
PDQ Meals
Pecans by Karen
Queens of Bling
Rame USA
Rebecca Goodsell
Red Angel Boutique
Renewal by Anderson of Houston
Rocking TLK Scents and More LLC
Roman Valley Ranch
Sacred Leaf Cypress
Sassafras Southern Boutique
Sassy Heifer
Sassy Vines Boutique
Sawdust Mama
School of Rock Conroe
Shades of Palm
Simply Southern Moon
Smudging Emporium
Snobuddies Shaved Ice
Some More Design/Daphne Hills
Soul Fire Candle Co/Sassy Sisters Custom Creations
Southern Charm Boutique and Salon
Southern Kixx
SparklesShop by Kelly
Spot Fresh
ST Metal Worx
Storm Tight Windows
Straight Fire Studio
Streets of New Orleans Home
Sunshine Sunbeams Glass
Swanky Lemon Boutique
Tacos y Gorditas Rioverde
Take a Whiff Freshies & More
T-cakes by Tonia
Tequila Kiss Boutique
Texas Mama Boutique LLC
Texas Southern Boutique
The Blue Giraffe
The Cutting Edge Woodworks
The Dainty Cactus Boutique
Timeless Treasures
Tlipps Wreath Designs
Too Chic & Cute
Twin Scents- Scentsy
Usborne Books & More
Velvet Krush
Wandering Arrow
Wardrobe Through Wonderland
Waterville Candles
Wood and Spruce
Wreath-Freshingly Simple
WS Desires
Yvonne's Classy and Sassy Opulenza Designs
Zena's Garden Shed

& more - list updated often (rev. 1/10/22)


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2 go drinks and dips (sassysouthernstyle)
G17 6 Bar S Designs
AG Leather
T7 All of Us Old Plantation Soups & Dips
J2 Almost August LLC
E7 Barnwood Beginnings
F20 Best Vintage
G3 Bilbrey Family Chiropractic
Bitsy Boodle Design & More
F1 Blissful Rebel/Beehive
BQ-5 Boss Babe Flair Boutique
E11 Branded Watusi, LLC
J1 Caradine Crafts
U14 Carmen's Boutique Connection
FB-3 Carmen's Corn & Metal Art
E5 Cat's Meow Art Studio
J4 Celebration Nation Crafting
H2 Chino Barvity
B23 Chris' BBQ Shop
E18 Cocoon Creations LLC
E10 Color Street
D3 Countryman Spice Co
B9 Crafts By Faith
BQ-7 Crawdad Cuties
BQ-12 Crawdad Cuties
D5 Cutting Edge Woodworks
F14 Cutwood LLC
G5 Disabled American Vetrans
U15 Discovery Toys
D4 Dixie Glamour Boutique
FT-3 Driskell's Original BBQ
G1 Eventful Crafts
FB-5 Fera's Grill
B16 Flannel and Lace Marketplace
B3 Front Porch Fashions
D2 G&M Armadillo Designs
J5 Glamberry LLC
J6 Glamberry LLC
K3 Glamour Girls N Gents
F26 Glass Birdfeeders
FT-7 Gooroos Wood Fire Pizza
FT-8 Grandma Kim's Fried Pies and Breads
FT-1 Gyro Connection
J7 H&W Farm
H&W Farm
BQ-10 Jamie James Candle Co
E1 Jana Pruett
Kate's Face Painting
A1 Keepsake
U28 Kickin' Dips and Salsa
U25 Knollwood & Co
D1 Laredo Designs
A3 Little Miss Dixie's
BQ-3 LMN Rustic Décor
E14 Lucky Eye
B20 M&M Custom
U22 Mary Kay
Model T Popper
C26 My Leather Treasures
F11 My Sisters Creation
J3 Mz Vee Luscious Lather
E22 Namma's Goodies
F8 Nana Toy Corner
U26 No Crap In It
K1 Olde Country Porch
A15 Olive & Ivory Boutique
Orvilla's Creations
U24 PDQ Meals
E4 Pecans by Karen
Queens of Bling
C3 Rebecca Goodsell
U27 Renewal by Anderson of Houston
G11 rumpscrubbers
G13 rumpscrubbers
G9 Sacred Leaf Cypress
BQ-8 Sassafras Southern Boutique
BQ-4 Sassy Heifer
E24 Sawdust Mama
BQ-2 Shades of Palm
A11 Simply Southern Moon
E20 Smudging Emporium
G25 Soul Fire Candle Co/Sassy Sisters Custom Creations
E9 Southern Charm Boutique and Salon
C14 Southern Kixx
U17 SparklesShop by Kelly
J22 Spot Fresh
A13 ST Metal Worx
U35 Storm Tight Windows
J16 Streets of New Orleans Home
F27 Sunshine Sunbeams Glass
FT-5 Tacos y Gorditas Rioverde
Tequila Kiss Boutique
F15 Texas Southern Boutique
FT-4 The Blue Giraffe
BQ-1 The Dainty Cactus Boutique
D26 Timeless Treasures
F16 Tlipps Wreath Designs
J14 Too Chic & Cute
Usborne Books
U36 Usborne Books & More
F9 Velvet Krush
F10 Velvet Krush
E2 Wardrobe Through Wonderland
B12 Waterville Candles
B14 Waterville Candles
F13 Yvonne's Classy and Sassy Opulenza Designs
FT-2 Zena's Garden Shed
G15 Zeugma Art Bites