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CONROE, TX 77301
Thursday, February 22nd:
11am-6pm: Boutique & Food Truck/Trailer, Main Market, Under the Big Top Tent, & Music Stage Move-In (No San Jacinto, or Simonton)
Friday, February 23rd: 
9am-8pm: All Exhibitor Move-In (See map for check-in & unloading directions)
Saturday, February 24th: 
7am-8:30am: Exhibitor Move-In (Dolly in from exhibitor parking ONLY-you can't pull your vehicle next to your booth)
Drive up for unloading ends at 8pm on Friday, you will not be allowed to unload from the entrance after 8pm.
If you are not at your booth by 8:00am Saturday, your booth may be reassigned to someone else. 
Market Hours:

Saturday, February 24th & Sunday, February 25th: 9am-5pm BOTH DAYS
Step 1:  Arrive and check-in with Big Top Team Member
Step 2: Unload your vehicle and bring to your booth.
Do not unpack any items or set up until you have moved your vehicle from the front door area. 
Step 3: Move your vehicle then set up your booth.
Upon arrival for set up, please come down W. Davis St., turn onto San Jacinto Street, and checkin will be at the intersection of San Jacinto St. and Simonton St.. If you try to enter on Simonton St. from either direction, you WILL BE TURNED AROUND.  

Event address:
500 Metcalf St. 
Conroe, TX 77301

Official Exhibitor Parking: "Juror Parking Lot":
 129 N Main Street, Conroe TX 77301

 Check-In address:
350 Simonton St., Conroe, TX 77301


Trailer Parking:

You can leave your unhitched trailer for the entirety of the event.  Trailer parking is first come first serve.  Under the Big Top Tent exhibitors have access to trailer parking within the market grounds.  All other Exhibitors should take their trailer home or park unhitched in the Juror Parking Lot

Sunday, February 25th: 
5pm: Exhibitor Move-Out (Dolly out or drive up to check-in AFTER recieving break down pass)
Breakdown begins when customers have left the event ground and we have determined it is safe to bring vehicles to the loading dock.
Step 1:  Breakdown booth completely.
Step 2: Once packed, find attendant to check booth
Big Top Attendant will give you Breakdown pass when booth has been checked.
Step 3: Bring breakdown pass and get vehicle to come load-up.
Main Market Load Out: we are able to clear everyone out of the Main Market in about an hour an a half!  That's pretty impressive!  The theme of break down is GO WITH THE FLOW. 
Main Market loads out in the following order:
  • Wagon/dolly out by walking
  • Vehicles only
  • Vehicles with trailers & Uhauls
There is no phyical way to get a trailer into the Main Market until we clear out tent vendors - your trailer literally will not fit down the isles and you cannot make turns.  Just pack up and relax, you will be out quickly, but come with realistic expectations.
Once you have received a breakdown pass, you can get your vehicle and line up on SIMONTON ST. A Big Top employee will be waiting to collect your break-down pass and send you to your spot as traffic permits. DO NOT line up on N. San Jacinto St., you will be turned around and sent to the end of the line on Simonton St.. Please note, this will be the longest part of the day, so pack your patience and understand that we are directing traffic as the roads clear and can only fit so many cars on the road without it becoming a huge traffic jam. 

Electricity is sold out for this event. You are encouraged to bring a power inverter to provide your own power. Check out good recommendations for electric generators (power inverter) at:

True Honey Texas
All of Us
Krafty Kreations x Yari
Burke3 Designs
Twisted M Co.
Texas Pie Guy LLC

WIFI is not provided for exhibitors If you need a secure connection, you can bring your own cellular devices or mobile hot spot.  I have a recommended hot spot on the blog, click here


EB.02 175th Street Sales
BQ 37 & Co. Home Decor
AD.09 3C Gifts and Crafts
AH.10 3Kings and a Pup LLC
EE.01 49 Acres Family Farm
AL.X1 5D Travelin’ Tavern
DB.01 7Gs Homemade Goods
DB.02 7Gs Homemade Goods
EC.09 A & B Creations
AC.20 A Girl & Her Boys Boutique
BA.09 A little extra
bt A Little Junk In My Trunk
FA.15 Abe’s Lux Jewelry
AA.12 Acaju Spiced Cashews
BA.15 addison layne
EE.14 Adventure Falls Designs
ED.06 ALJ Designs
EG.13 All Occasion Yard Art
EG.14 All Occasion Yard Art
AA.50 All of us 
AG.07 Always EKO
AA.13 Amazing Plant Stand
EH.06 AT Bracelets For Sure
AA.32 Avenue J
EA.03 B’s Collection
EB.15 Baba Jewelry LLC
AA.64 Baby Owl Kids, LLC
AD.03 BeLeaf in Tomorrow
EE.13 Berman Foods
 AA.42 Birdie Over Par
AC.12 Blended Boutique
BQ Blissful Rebel
FTUA Bobalorian Munchies & Refreshers
BQ Boss Babe Flair Boutique
 BB.16 Budder N' Beans Boutique
AF.11 Buff City Soap
AA.52 Burke3 Designs 
 FB.10 Burnell Brands
 AH.04 Candy Inspired
FTUA Carmen's Corn Corn & Creations
AB.48 Carolina Refinetti Brazilian Jew…
EB.06 Christine's Creations
BA.11 Clay Cactus Soapery LLC
AA.54 Clingy Peach
EC.01 Coffee&Chill
FB.05 Color Street
EC.08 ColorBlind Creations
AA.20 Conroe Golf Cars
FT.UA2 Conroe Party Connections Food Tr…
X.UA Conroe Party Connections Food Tr…
 DB.08 Covered in Kindness
BQ Cowhyde City
AF.10 Cozy Critter Crochet
AA.09 CPM & Associates
AA.39 Crafts by Judy
EG.02 Crikey! That's a lot of Crocs
EG.03 Crikey! That's a lot of Crocs
AD.14 Cristiano D
TENTS.1 Cristiano D
AD.05 Crumb And Get It
AJ.01 Crystal Soul Living
DA.07 Cuddly Cactus Children’s Boutiqu…
BQ Curator & Co
AJ.07 Cursed Dragon Ship Publishing
AA.18 Cutco BQ Dainty Cactus Boutique, LLC, The
AJ.09 Daisy Acres Boutique
EB.04 Daisy Bag Company
AA.43 Darling Divas
AA.04 DC Designs
AC.08 Dcreativeco / Dana Luxury Art
AC.10 Dear Darlin
WINE Decadent Saint Winery 
ED.07 Delias Pet Food
DA.01 Diamonds and Dinosaurs CB
EB.11 Disabled American Veterans
AA.34 Discovery Toys
AL.S1 Dragoon Forge 3D Printing
 AF.08 Drops of Dopamine
EC.03 Duck Bar Bath Shop
BB.26 Dusty Road Farm
AD.08 Ember's Bakery Kingwood
 DB.10 Eventful Crafts
EC.02 Fabulous Paws
FA.17 Faith Valor Designs
EB.09 Fanciful by Dawn
AH.11 Fasgot Fun
DB.09 Fashion Chic Boutique
FTUA Frios Gourmet Pops
BA.13 Fullertons Freeze Dry
FB.07 Gaby’s Glitzy Shop
FB.08 Gaby’s Glitzy Shop
AC.22 Get Fictional
AD.06 Gladys Accesorios
 EE.02 Glitter on the Vine
 DB.03 Glitzy Bit
AD.04 Golden Guti Boutique
 FB.01 Granny G's Hemporium
AG.01 Grilling Geek Spices Inc
EB.05 Grimm of Galveston Hot Sauce and…
AG.03 Gullwing Associates LLC
ED.12 HamYap Bakery
BA.04 Hannah B Boutique
EB.01 Heavenly Scents by Sue
AD.07 hello bombbae
AA.14 Hot Mess Express Ltd.
 FA.01 hot press heifer
 AC.04 Hunzikers Farm
AL.16 Hunzikers farm
EB.07 ImagineEchoDesigns
 AG.09 indo/pak cuisine gourmet foods
DB.06 iPainfree
 EC.05 Jaded Juels Glitter
TENTS.1 Jaded Juels Glitter
EH.05 James Charlie Jewelry
FB.09 Jana Pruett
 EC.13 Jazz It Up Designs ED.
13 JesseJamesHandmade
 BA.16 JG Beauty Products
 AC.01 K Marie trendz LLC
AK.01 Kickin' Rocks
 AH.03 King Queen and Princesses Sweets…
 BB.22 Knives Ranch
AF.09 Krafting Keals
AA.55 Krafty Kreations x Yari
 BA.18 Kraftyjd
 AC.16 LaFrese Designs
AK.02 Laredo Designs
AA.41 Lifewave
EC.11 lillie and bub baby
 FTUA Lip Smackers Burgers and More
EH.01 Lira & Co.
EH.02 Lira & Co.
BB.12 Little Cherry Toys
EC.04 Little Warrior Creations
FB.11 Lone Star Beards
 BB.14 Lookin Good Designs
 EE.03 Love Bites Pet Treats
ED.01 Love-abel Candle Co.
DA.05 Lucy’s Uniques
 EB.08 Lyttle Burpies Boutique LLC
DA.09 M & E Co
 FA.08 Marisa’s Creations
AA.36 McKenzie Brown Boutique
BB.10 Mi Gente Imports
 BB.24 Mia's Toys
 AA.26 Modern Frontier
AA.10 Ms Bells Creations, LLC
EE.11 Mullins' Handcrafted Treasures
BA.06 My Booth Rocks
EB.13 Mz. Dz. Designz
 AL.T1 Nacona’s Upscale Resale
AF.03 Nelson Chiropractic Center
FB.14 Neon Peach Candy Co
 FB.13 New London Enterprises
 AA.45 Oso Goody
 BA.05 P & J’s Closet (former holland a…
 AA.40 Pampered Princess & Lil Prince
FB.15 PaperPie
AA.62 PDQ Meals
 BA.07 Pearly's Gift Shop
BA.08 Pearly's Gift Shop
 ED.09 Pecan Perfection
 AA.25 Pink Wear
EB.12 Pink Zebra Home, Independent Con…
 BA.12 Pop, Pop Panda
 EH.04 Poppi & Lolli's Specialty Foods
EE.05 Power Home Remodeling
AA.02 Pup In The Tub
 AH.09 Pure Barre Conroe
 AF.02 Q Laser Creations
 AA.11 Quality Home Products
 EC.07 QuinBridge Candles
AG.08 Random Fandom Emporium
 AJ.02 RDP Customs: Fine Leathercrafts
 AA.37 Real Flower Jewelry
AA.33 Renewal By Andersen
 DA.03 Rising Sun Fruits N Grinds LLC
 DA.04 RKJR Creation Point Company
 FA.12 Robyn's Book Nook
 FA.13 Robyn's Book Nook
FTUA Rockett Fuel BBQ
 FB.20 Rocking TLK Scents and More LLC
FB.21 Rocking TLK Scents and More LLC
 FB.22 Rocking TLK Scents and More LLC
 FB.23 Rocking TLK Scents and More LLC
AF.04 Rodgers Stein Chiropractic
AD.02 Rodgers Stein Chiropractic Cen
AL.03 Rose Bees
 AA.58 Rowan Oak Clothing Co.
 BQ Sassafras Southern Boutique
AG.11 Sassy Ginger Design Co
AL.04 Sassy southern creations
EA.01 Sassy Tots Boutique
 FA.18 sassy vines boutique
 FA.19 sassy vines boutique
FA.11 Sassy's Secret
BA.02 Scentsy
 EB.10 Send A Cake Cards
 BA.14 Sharon McReynolds
AA.23 Simplypuzzled
AF.01 Southern Creations Group
AA.06 Southwest Pepper Grillers
AA.30 Spencers Custom Wood
FA.06 Stewart Lane Creations
FA.07 Stewart Lane Creations
AL.12 Storm Tight Windows
 BB.20 Stylin N Profilin
 FA.10 Sugar Lumps Sweets and Treats
 AL.01 Sunny’s Boutique
AJ.08 Sweet Granny Bea's
DA.02 Sweet Little Sunshine Delights
AJ.04 sweet mias boutique llc
FTUA Sweet T's Rollin Cafe
DB.05 Sweet Texas Creations
 EG.08 Tasty Cajun LLC
BQ Teal West Boutique
AD.15 Texan by Design
EB.14 Texas Busy Bee Designs
 AF.12 texas gypsy boutique
AA.16 Texas Pie Guy LLC
 FB.06 The DD Ranch
EC.06 The Enchanted Pixie Cottage
AG.02 The fairy hair girls
 AJ.10 The Faithful Foliage
TENTS.2 The Faithful Foliage
FB.03 The Gourmet Cupboard 
AC.26 The Keepsake, Inc.
 FA.14 The Linked Buffalo
BB.18 The Olde Country Porch
TENTS.2 The Olde Country Porch
AL.10 The Ring Dude / Stamped and Link…
AA.38 The Savvy Teacher
 EG.01 The sawdustmama
 AF.05 The Soap Foundry
FB.16 The Streets Of New Orleans
 FB.12 The Streets of NO
FA.04 Third Coast Barrels
FA.05 Third Coast Barrels
EH.03 Thorns Art LLC
AC.06 Timeless Treasures
AA.28 Tipico y Vaquero And Novelties
 FB.17 Too Chic & Cute
FB.18 Treasure & Heart Design
FB.04 Trendy Cargo
DB.04 TRH Tumblers
AA.01 True Honey Teas
AB.46 Tule boutique
AG.10 Twenty Four Threads
AA.07 Twisted M Co 
 BA.03 Vicky&Nico
EA.02 Von Morgan
FA.03 White Bird's Market
EB.03 Wiggle Butt Bakery
BQ Wild Iron Boutique
ED.02 With Love By Gigi
 FA.09 WLC Artistry
FB.19 Wreath-Freshingly Simple
EE.12 Yarn&Cherry crochet
EE.04 Young Living
FTUA Zenas garden shed coffee
Please remember that all exhibitors are required to bring a fire extinguisher to every production. If you need examples of what to get, look here.
Also, ALL food vendors must submit their food permits to our website, here. If you are unsure on details of getting your food permits, look here for more info. Here is the linked pemit form.
Trash/dumpster useage: there is an on site dumpster for all Exhibitor trash and boxes AT THE END OF SIMONTON ST.. Break down boxes before placing them in the dumpster. $100 FINE CHARGED FOR TRASH LEFT ON SITE.
There are many more details for this production and we want you to take a look and make sure you don't have any questions before showing up! To see the remainder of details for this Production, click below!
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