Event address:
Independence Park
3449 Pearland Pkwy
Pearland, TX 77581


On Site Exhibitor Parking: 
Independence Park
3449 Pearland Pkwy
Pearland, TX 77581

Parking at Independence Park for Friday set up and Saturday market days.  Saturday only: if you will not need to leave the market or move your vehicle.  The On-side Exhibitor parking lot will be on a closed road and you will not be able to leave during the event.


Off Site Exhibitor Parking: 
Pearland High School
 3775 S Main Street
Pearland, TX 77581

Off site parking is for those who may need to leave during market hours.

Electricity is not included in your registration. Click here to purchase electricity.   We recommend electric power inverters if you would like to provide your own power, click here to view information online.
Exhibitors registered for power:
The Blue Eyed Maker - 300
LeafFilter Gutter Protection - 500
Four Reasons - 500
Guld Coast Scents - 300

If you are serving food or drinks in any way (even samples) you need a food permit.  If you have questions about food permits please contact the Health Department directly.  Big Top Entertainment cannot answer questions about permits or whether or not you need one.

Permit application -click here

You should want to do your best, look your best and make the best sales!

Tent: the correct size for your booth, bowing legs do not work.  Branded tents are a plus.  White tents are highly recommended over any other color. 
Click here for custom tent suggestions.

Banners & Signs: banners should be in good quality, old banners should be retired.  Ideal banners are the same width as your tent and 8 - 10 foot tall.  Click here for my go-to banner maker.

Backdrops:  The most important part of your display, a professional backdrop adds a level of professionalism and trust to shopper's eyes.  Click here for my favorite backdrop printer.

Power/Electricity: being power independent is a great way to save money when you do multiple shows a year.  Click here for my blog post on good buys.

Reliable WIFI: pay-as-you-go wifi hotspots, or one with your regular service provider, are a great way to add reliability to your credit card reader.  Click here to see the one I use.

Fire Safety: it is required that you have a fire extinguisher in your booth at all markets.  It must be ABC rated, click here for an example.

Bugs/Pests: this is an outdoor event.  It is smart to have the following with you: sunblock, chapstick, mosquito spray and ant killer.

Trash/dumpster usage: there is an on site dumpster for all Exhibitor trash and boxes Break down boxes before placing them in the dumpster.

Food Vendors: State of Texas law requires that grease and cooking oil be disposed of in an approved facility.  The dumpster is not approved.  You must take all oil and grease with you off site and dispose of it properly. 


We have found that there is a steady stream all day and not a "good time" or "bad time" to come.  The earlier you come the cooler it is.  Lunch time and after 6p tend to be the busiest.

Set Up Times: 


You are not allowed to drive vehicles onto the grass where the tents are located, so please make sure you bring a wagon/dolly to help unload your things. If you are unable to physically unload your products on your own, we recommend bringing help, as the ground is made of grass and dirt. 

Boutique Trucks:


Please note that the earlier you show up, the easier it is to park your trailers. 


All set up must be completed 30 minutes prior to the start of the market.

Saturday Move in Schedule:  there are no vehicles permitted in the festival grounds on Saturday Set up begins at 7am until 8:30am.  Saturday, you will have to carry/dolly/wagon your items into the market and the grounds are very large - it is a long haul.  We highly discourage anyone from setting up on Saturday morning, it is a long haul from the unload zone to your booth.


Failure to be on site may result in you being ejected from the market, your booth will be taken down and removed from the event.


On Site Exhibitor Parking: 
Independence Park
3449 Pearland Pkwy
Pearland, TX 77581

Parking at Independence Park for Friday set up and Saturday market days.  Saturday only: if you will not need to leave the market or move your vehicle.  The On-side Exhibitor parking lot will be on a closed road and you will not be able to leave during the event.

Off Site Exhibitor Parking: 
Pearland High School
 3775 S Main Street
Pearland, TX 77581

Off site parking is for those who may need to leave during market hours.


You can leave your unhitched trailer for the entirety of the event.  Trailer parking is first come first serve.



Breakdown starts Saturday, March 4th at 5pm OR when customers leave the market - YES we have paying customers still shopping at closing.

  • At the close of business, break down your booth completely.
  • Ensure no trash is in your booth; this includes rubber bands, zip ties, plastic wrap, empty boxes, food trash and anything that you don't want to take home with you.
  • Dumpsters are provided to get rid of all trash.
  • When you are packed and ready to go, find an attendant - we will be wearing safety vests. 
  • The attendant will inspect your booth and if you are good-to-go you will be given a breakdown pass.
  • Once you have a breakdown pass you can begin to line your vehicle up on Pearland Pkwy to load out.

  • You will NOT be able to drive up to your booth for both load in or load out.

Load Out: The theme of break down is GO WITH THE FLOW. 
All vendors load out in the following order:
  • Wagon/dolly out by walking
  • Vehicles only
  • Vehicles with trailers & Uhauls
NO vehicles are permitted on the market grounds. We will have Pearland police present to ensure that no vehicles enter the grounds to load up. Vehicles must line up on Pearland Parkway and wait for a Big Top employee to direct you to a spot on the road to park and dolly/wagon your items to your vehicle. Just pack up and relax, you will be out quickly, but come with realistic expectations.
Saturday, March 4th after 5pm

Current Schedule

Outdoor Registration - Independence Park - Saturday, March 4, 2023 - Pearland, TX - Exhibitor Registration
Indoor Registration - Beaumont Civic Center - Saturday, April 1, 2023 - Beaumont, TX - Exhibitor Registration
Indoor & Outdoor Registration - Baytown Community Center - Saturday, March 18, 2023 - Baytown, TX - Exhibitor Registration

View our full schedule online.

Please note the booth you select at checkout is your requested booth.   From time to time changes must be made and your booth may be relocated.  Melissa reviews all booth moves to ensure you are put in the most similar, or better, space available.

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Independence Park
3449 Pearland Parkway
Pearland, TX 77581
ALL Exhibitors must Check-In with a Big Top Employee BEFORE setting up their booth to ensure they are set up in the right place.

Exhibitor Roster:


BC.23 A Girl & Her Boys SB
AB.14 Acaju Spiced Cashews
BB.18 addison layne
AC.12 All Occasion Yard Art
AC.13 All Occasion Yard Art
BB.08 Austin & Ann's
AA.09 Azalea Legacy Boutique
BB.16 Baked by Sara
AA.08 Bella Bella Boutique and Gifts
AC.01 Champagne BeautyWorks (permanent…
BA.10 CK Designs
AA.01 Clingy Peach
AB.01 Country Cousins
AA.11 Crocheted By Carolyn
AC.11 Cutco Cutlery
BB.03 Diamonds and Dinosaurs Children’…
BB.14 Donkey Punch Hot Sauce
AB.12 Dream Eaters Coffee
AB.15 E&A Vivir boutique
AB.02 everlasting boutique
AB.11 Four Reasons
ELEC.5 Four Reasons
BB.15 Gaby’s Glitzy Shop
BB.9 Good Karma Customs
AB.17 Gotcha Girl Boutique
BA.08 Gulf Coast Scents
ELEC.3 Gulf Coast Scents
AB.13 High Meadow Boutique
BA.03 Holland and Friends Boutique
BA.01 Houston Feng Shui Jewelry
BA.07 Hunzikers Farm
BB.07 I Think Yes Boutique
AD.Q1 Jamie James Candle Company
AC.02 Jeckill Jewelry
BA.11 KelseyCare Advantage
BB.13 Keyna’s Delightful Buns
AD.Q2 Khala- Jades
BB.04 King Queen and Princesses Sweets…
AB.07 LeafFilter Gutter Protection
ELEC.5 LeafFilter Gutter Protection
AA.06 Love & Light Candles
AA.05 Love Always Boutique
BC.24 LSF Boutique
BA.09 LulaLina Design
AB.10 MarNess Creations
AA.13 My Expensive Hobby
BA.02 My Go2 Store
AC.20 My Leather Treasures
BA.04 Mz. Dz. Designz
BA.05 Nonnies Coastal Beauties
AC.10 Paparazzi Amazezazing Bling
BC.18 Pecans by Karen
AA.12 Resort Vacations, Inc.
BC.17 Sanity Spa
AB.03 sassy vines boutique
AB.04 sassy vines boutique
AA.02 Southern Raised Outfitters
AA.03 Southern Raised Outfitters
BC.01 Sparkle Side Up
BB.02 Storm Tight Windows
BB.01 Sweet Mias boutique LLC
AA.04 The Blue Eyed Maker
ELEC.3 The Blue Eyed Maker
AA.10 The Crazy Maker
BC.09 The Cutesy Crafter
BC.Q4 The Dainty Cactus Boutique, LLC
BC.13 The Flower Fool
AB.05 The Funnel Experience
BB.11 The Keepsake, Inc.
AC.19 The Linked Buffalo
BC.03 This $ That
BC.14 TX. Creations Boutique
AB.16 Unc B's Seasonings LLC
BB.17 Wildflower Collections
AB.06 Yagazie llc (dba BASILIA)
AB.08 ZOMADD Boutique



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